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Thursday, September 18, 201409/18/2014

Ain’t nobody got time to go inside a FUNERAL HOME?????

This just seems wrong……….I get the owners point but still!


Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

A Dad Shaves Off His Beard – Daughter Freaks Out!!!

I’ve played this game with my daughter so many times, I was never this creative with it though! Being she…


Tuesday, September 16, 201409/16/2014

Wait for it, wait for it……..


Monday, September 15, 201409/15/2014

How to go fishing without a pole!

Well now that is one way to do it!


Friday, September 12, 201409/12/2014

Cliff House, Yes, That Hangs Off the Edge of a Cliff!!!

This Cliff House is a design concept for a five-story home that hangs off the face of a cliff. Why…


Wednesday, September 10, 201409/10/2014

World’s Deepest Pool

Would you take the dive?

Dan Aykroyd And Bill Murray In 'Ghostbusters'

Tuesday, September 9, 201409/09/2014

Bill Murray Reveals The Women He’d Choose For ‘Ghostbusters 3′

After 30 years, ‪Ghostbusters‬ is going to return. They are talking about a female cast. Bill Murray says he wants Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini…


Monday, September 8, 201409/08/2014

Fake mouse prank (big man screams like a little girl)


Friday, September 5, 201409/05/2014

Washing machine breaking it down…

Not sure why you would want to break a washing machine but this is one way to…


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