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An Emmy Snub!  Monday Morning Briefs
An Emmy Snub! Monday Morning Briefs

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

A Massacre at a shopping mall in Kenya.

Details     http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/21/world/africa/kenya-mall-gunbattle/index.html

Last week, a guy in California hired 80 HOMELESS PEOPLE to stand in line for him outside an Apple Store to buy iPhones.  He promised $40 each.  But the store caught on, and stopped selling the homeless people phones.  So the guy told the homeless people he wouldn’t pay after all . . . and they TURNED on him, and the cops had to escort him to safety.

Matt Kenseth won for the second week in a row yesterday, to take the first two races in the Chase for the Sprint Cup.  (Teammate Kyle Busch came in second, about half a second behind Kenseth.  After the race Kenseth thanked God and talked about how surprising it was for him to win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, where he’s struggled in the past.)

Showbizzy Newz

The Emmy Awards were last night, you can see a full list of winners here.


They gave special honors to Cory Monteith from “Glee”, who died of a drug overdose.  But they DIDN’T honor Jack Klugman from “The Odd Couple” and “Quincy, M.E.” . . . even though Jack won three Emmys and a Golden Globe, and Cory never won anything.  Here’s Jane Lynch from “Glee” talking about it with TMZ the other day.  (Klugman’s son Adam criticized the Emmys last week for snubbing his dad and deciding to honor Monteith.  He said Monteith brought his death on himself, and didn’t achieve the same things in television as Jack Klugman did.  Klugman was mentioned in the “In Memoriam” montage that they do every year, as a notable figure who died in the past twelve months . . . but that was it.  Lynch tells the reporter she would be upset too, if Klugman was her dad.  But she’s still proud to help honor Cory at the show as well.)

Q Country Closeup

Taylor Swift closed out her US portion of her tour with some guests:

Luke Bryan

Rascal Flatts

Hunter Hayes

And now . . . a corn maze in the shape of KELLIE PICKLER.  (Full Story, with Pic)

Dallas Davidson, who is one of the writers of LUKE BRYAN’S hit “That’s My Kind of Night”, has an amusing take on ZAC BROWN trashing his song.  He said, quote, “If that song makes him want to throw up, I hope I write one today that gives him the flu because that means I’m doing my job right.”  (Full Story)

The Backside of the News

Apparently, Walmart is selling a costume for toddler girls called the NAUGHTY LEOPARD.  At least that’s what it says on the packaging.  There’s nothing remotely inappropriate about the costume, and yeah, “naughty” can mean disobedient, but still.  Walmart hasn’t commented on the costume, but on their website they just call it the “Leopard Child Halloween Costume.”

Last Sunday, Carol and Willie Fowler were supposed to see their daughter Tamara tie the knot in Atlanta.  And they’d spent thousands of dollars on a reception for 200 guests.  But then . . . the wedding was CALLED OFF.  Willie suggested to Carol that they let the reception go ahead as planned.  Except instead of inviting friends and family . . . they teamed up with a local charity and invited 200 homeless people from the area.  Most were families with kids.  They called it, “The First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love.”  All 200 guests had a four-course meal.  Carol and Willie said they hope it will inspire other to do something for the community if they’re given a chance to.  And they also said their daughter Tamara was happy the day wasn’t wasted, and handled the whole thing extremely well.  Here’s Carol and the woman from the charity, Elisabeth Omilami, talking about the gift.


The very first Emmy was given to a PUPPET.  It was in 1949, when TV was mostly LOCAL.  So the first Emmys were only for Los Angeles-area programming, and the first Emmy went to ventriloquist Shirley Dinsdale and her puppet Judy Splinters.


Is McDonald’s about to start selling Chicken and Waffles?  (Full Story)

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