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Can you “Do The Dougie”?  Wednesday Morning Prep
Can you “Do The Dougie”? Wednesday Morning Prep

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today.

The Big Picture

House Speaker John Boehner was on “Good Morning America” yesterday, talking about Edward Snowden, the guy who leaked the information about NSA surveillance programs.  Boehner doesn’t like him too much.  (He said Snowden is a traitor, who undermined important programs that keep Americans safe.  He said the leak gave advantages to our enemies and put Americans at risk.)


Passengers on an Allegiance Airlines flight in Las Vegas had to sit on the tarmac for three-plus hours this weekend . . . with no food, no water, and no air conditioning.  The high was around 110 DEGREES in Las Vegas, so they kept themselves sane with an impromptu, group rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly.  And there’s footage of it online.  According to the YouTube description, two passengers had already passed out from the heat, one suffered a bloody nose because of it, and two more became violently ill.  The passengers were compensated with vouchers worth between 50 and 100 dollars.  Here’s a clip of the passengers singing.

Back in 2006, Joe Biden went off on a rant about governmental surveillance on U.S. citizens.  It was an interview with CBS, and he was basically calling out the Bush administration for being “intrusive” into the lives of everyday people.  He also called for a congressional investigation into governmental surveillance.  Here’s a clip.  (He said he wanted to know what they were doing with the information they got from spying on people who were in no way involved with al Qaeda.)

Tim Tebow got picked up by the New England Patriots on Monday, and ESPN completely lost control of themselves.  In two hours on Monday evening they mentioned Tebow’s name 137 TIMES.  More than once a minute, especially after you take out the commercials.  Here’s what it sounded like on ESPN after the announcement was made.

See the montage

Showbizzy Newz

“The Voice” has narrowed its field down to three for next week’s finale:  Michelle Chamuel of Team Usher, andDanielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers of Team Blake.  That means ADAM LEVINE and SHAKIRA don’t have a singer in the finale.

The Huffington Post just put together a list of the 100 best movie compliments of all time.

See the montage

Nicole Kelly was born without her left forearm, and was just crowned Miss Iowa, to compete at the Miss America pageant.

The Rest of the Story 

Q Country Closeup

Have you been wondering what Blake Shelton means when he talks about “Do the Dougie” in his “Boys Round Here” song.  Me too.  So I looked it up:

Urban Dictionary says,
The term “dougie” derives from the name of 80’s early 90’s Hip Hopper Doug-E- Fresh. The term “dougie” means to have a cool or hip style.

See for yourself


But then, there’s a video suggesting that it’s a Hip hop dance:


So there you are.  You can thank me later


This year’s CMA Music Festival set an attendance record.  Over 80,000 fans a day elbowed their way in, which is an increase of almost 13% from last year.

Yes, it’s because country music is more popular than ever, but it’s also because they moved events to the new Music City Center, which is about three times bigger than last year’s location at the Nashville Convention Center.



Still, don’t go thinking it was a fluke.  Ticket sales for next summer are already 52% ahead of last year at this time.  The 2014 CMA Music Festival will be held June 5th through June 8th . . . and you can purchase tickets atTicketmaster.com.


There was a tribute to GEORGE JONES at last week’s CMA Music Festival.  It was a panel of George’s closest friends and family, including Jamey JohnsonRandy TravisJohn Rich and George’s longtime drummer Bobby Birkhead.

Well, people are still talking about George’s wife Nancy Jones, who said his last words were, quote, “Hiya.  I’ve been looking for you.  I’m George Jones.”  She added, quote, “I believe he was introducing himself to God.”


The Backside of the News

. Over the weekend, a guy in Pennsylvania took a 40-year-old date to a wedding.  And she saw it as an opportunity to STEAL from the bride and groom.  During the reception, she took a bunch of cards from the gift table to the bathroom, and shoved the cash and checks into her BRA.  Other guests caught her trying to flush the cards, and she was arrested.

Read the story


Last April, in Germany, a bank clerk fell asleep at his desk.  His hand landed on the “2” on his keyboard and he accidentally transferred 222 million Euros into a customer’s account.  That’s almost 300 million U.S. dollars.  The bank fixed the error and got the money back, but the guy’s supervisor was fired.  A labor court just ruled she only should’ve been reprimanded, not fired, and ordered the bank to re-hire her.



A new survey asked people to rank the most important bare necessities of life, and Internet and TV came in at the top . . . AHEAD of friends and a good marriage.

Here’s the list

Now expecting dads can get the pregnancy belt . . . it replicates your baby’s kicks, in real time, from the mom’s belly.

Here you go

There’s a new diet called the BOREDOM DIET that says you can lose weight by eating nothing but MAC AND CHEESE . . . or any other delicious food you love.  All you have to do is eat NOTHING BUT that food.  In a study, researchers found after just one week, people got bored of the food and were eating about 100 calories less per meal.


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