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Douglas/Zeta-Jones Split Thursday Morning Briefs
Douglas/Zeta-Jones Split Thursday Morning Briefs

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

On the “700 Club” on Tuesday, Pat Robertson went beyond controversial, and said something that was totally bizarre.  He said some gay people in San Francisco are intentionally spreading HIV and AIDS to other people by shaking hands.  According to Robertson, these people have SPECIAL KILLER RINGS that spread the HIV virus by cutting people’s fingers with hidden blades.

President Obama did an interview yesterday about the situation in Syria.  He said he hasn’t made up his mind yet.  (There was a chemical weapons attack last week in Damascus, which the U.S. believes was carried out by the Syrian government.  Obama is considering military action, but he would have to go against the UN to do it.)

Showbizzy Newz

Yesterday, HLN’s show “Morning Express” had Morgan Freeman in as a guest.  They had him read a paragraph of news which included the definition of ‘twerking,’ and also mentioned ‘girl crush’ and ‘selfies.’  It’s funny to hear Morgan talking about it.  Here’s a clip from the show.

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MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES are separated.  Their rep says they’re, quote, “taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage.”  They’ve been married 13 years, and have a 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter.

VALERIE HARPER has terminal brain cancer, and was given THREE MONTHS to live back in March.  But she just turned 74, and now there’s talk that she’s doing “Dancing with the Stars” this season.  Other rumored cast members include:  Snooki, Elizabeth Berkley and Amber Riley from “Glee”.

Q Country Closeup

Tyler Farr talked recently about his song “Redneck Crazy”.  Guys are telling him it makes them cry, and he’s surprised.  He says he didn’t expect that reaction.  Tyler says he’ll take sad or glad or whatever moves people.  He adds, quote, “However it affects somebody, that’s my job is to reach in and tug on the heartstrings of people or make ’em laugh or make ’em feel something.


ALAN JACKSON’S drunk, 20-year-old daughter Alexandra was arrested early yesterday morning when a car she was a passenger in got pulled over.  She threatened the cop and then proceeded to hit him twice.  She also offered a bribe, saying her dad would do “anything” to get her out of trouble.  She was charged with underage drinking, resisting arrest and assault.


The Backside of the News

On Saturday, three friends in Washington ROBBED two guys . . . then had a brilliant getaway plan.  They knew the cops would be looking for a green Nissan 240 SX.  So right after the robbery, they pulled over and spray painted the car BLACK.  Only they didn’t change the license plate.  So the cops tracked them down and arrested them.



On Tuesday, a 41-year-old man went to a take-out place in Japan, and pulled out a giant KNIFE to rob the place.  And a few customers decided to take photos and TWEET about it instead of calling the cops.  Fortunately, someone DID call the police, and the guy was arrested in the parking lot.




The Texas State Fair always has the NEWEST in deep fried genius.  This year, one of the new foods there is . . . deep fried NUTELLA.  That’s Nutella chocolate sauce mixed with cream cheese, spread on dough, and fried.

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