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Garth And Trisha To Tour???  Friday Morning Briefs
Garth And Trisha To Tour??? Friday Morning Briefs

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

Bob Filner is stepping down as the mayor of San Diego today.  Seriously, it’s about time.

Bradley Manning is the former Army soldier who released the huge set of restricted documents to the public through WikiLeaks.  He was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the crime, and was dishonorably discharged from the Army.  Now he’s making news again . . . because he said he wants to live the rest of his life as a WOMAN named Chelsea.  He released a statement to the “Today” show, and his lawyer, David Coombs, talked to them about it.  Apparently he plans to serve his prison sentence as a woman.


Showbizzy Newz

The news out of Hollywood is that Ben Affleck will play “Batman” in the “Superman vs. Batman” movie.

SIMON COWELL and his pregnant girlfriend LAUREN SILVERMAN reunited Wednesday in the South of France.  And they’re supposedly talking about their FUTURE.  Meanwhile, sources say Simon had a secret meeting with Lauren’s ex-husband ANDREW SILVERMAN recently, to clear the air and make sure he doesn’t take their issues public.

A 49-year-old man from Rhode Island named John M. Dubis was squatting in the pool house of JENNIFER LOPEZ’S Hamptons estate.  And he lived there for a full WEEK before he was caught.

The guy was actually living LARGE . . . walking around the estate in full view of the neighbors and even posting pictures of himself all over the grounds on Facebook.  And the whole time, J-Lo’s SECURITY was on duty. Someone finally figured out he wasn’t supposed to be there and called the cops.  He was charged with stalking and felony burglary.


Q Country Closeup

Trisha Yearwood did an interview with CBS yesterday and said she and Garth Brooks are planning a tour together soon.  (It’ll be the third one they’ve done together, but the first since they got married.  So she’s looking forward to doing it as husband and wife.

The September 2nd print edition of the “National Enquirer” has a story about MIRANDA LAMBERT sending BLAKE SHELTON to rehab.  Well, Blake knows the best way to deflect a silly rumor is to make fun of it.  He Tweeted, “Latest tabloid says Miranda sent me to rehab.  Incorrect.  She sent me to the liquor store!”


The Backside of the News

Earlier this month, 37-year-old Anthony Yahle from Kettering, Ohio was rushed to the hospital.  His heart stopped beating, and doctors pronounced him dead after spending 45 minutes trying to revive him.  After the doctors called it, Anthony’s 17-year-old son Lawrence ran into the room . . . pointed at him . . . and shouted, “You’re not going to die today!”  Amazingly, Anthony’s heart started just barely BEATING AGAIN, and slowly, his heart rate went up. When Anthony woke up, he was completely fine and had NO brain damage.  He was released from the hospital five days later, and he’s heading back to work on Monday.  Here are Anthony and Lawrence talking about what happened.



This year’s high school freshmen are the class of 2017, so they were born in 1998 or 1999 . . . which means they don’t really remember much from before 2004 or 2005.  Here’s what that means . . .

1.  Not only did they never have to use paper maps, they never lived in a world without GPS devices.  They probably never even used Mapquest.

2.  They never watched TV in the era before DVRs.

3.  They’re the same age as “Family Guy” and younger than the BACKSTREET BOYS . . . meaning the group itself, not the guys in the band, who are also obviously way older.

4.  They never had to use floppy discs or VHS tapes.

5.  They’re so young even MYSPACE was before their time.  It was on the way out when they were around eight.

6.  Their first movie could’ve been the THIRD lousy “Star Wars” prequel.

7.  They’ve always lived in a world where NIRVANA could be classic rock.

8.  They never saw gas cost less than $1.

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