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George H.W. news and Baby George A.L. news – Thursday Morning Prep
George H.W. news and Baby George A.L. news – Thursday Morning Prep

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today.

The Big Picture

The royal baby has been named GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS.  Officially, he’ll be known as Prince George of Cambridge.  The “George” may come from KING GEORGE THE THIRD, who was PRINCE CHARLES’ favorite monarch . . . or from KING GEORGE THE SIXTH, the subject of the movie “The King’s Speech”.

The town crier who announced the birth of the royal baby is a phony and has no affiliation with Buckingham Palace.

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It’s been just about nine months since Superstorm Sandy hit.  And that means . . . New Jersey is having a BABY BOOM from all those people staying indoors and having sex.  Most hospitals in the parts of Jersey that were affected by Sandy are seeing a 20% to 30% INCREASE in births over the average for this time of year.

A natural gas drilling rig is on fire in the Gulf of Mexico.  Parts of it have already collapsed, and they can’t plug the leak.  Luckily it’s natural gas and not oil, which means it won’t hurt the shoreline.  (There’s a sheen on the water right now from what they call “condensates,” but eventually those will release into the atmosphere.


Showbizzy Newz

There might be another “Rocky” movie . . . but this one would feature SYLVESTER STALLONE in a SUPPORTING ROLE, as he trains the grandson of his former rival Apollo Creed.

Apollo was Rocky’s opponent in the first two movies, but became his friend in the third.  He was killed off in the fourth.  He was played by ACTION JACKSON himself, CARL WEATHERS.

If this all comes together, MICHAEL B. JORDAN from “Friday Night Lights” and the movie “Chronicle” will play Apollo’s grandson, and RYAN COOGLER will direct.  They’re getting all kinds of attention for a movie they just did called “Fruitvale Station”.


JASON SUDEIKIS has finally announced that he will NOT be coming back to “Saturday Night Live”.  On last night’s “Letterman”, he said, quote, “I’m definitely done.  I’m gonna be leaving.  I’m not coming back in the fall.”  There’s been speculation that Jason would be leaving for well over a YEAR now.



Q Country Closeup

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE’S song “Cruise” is now one week away from being the most successful single in the history of the “Billboard” Hot Country Songs chart.  It’s been #1 for a total of 21 weeks . . . which puts it in a TIE with three other artists.

And they’re all old school acts.  They are:  Eddy Arnold with “I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)” in 1947 . . . Hank Snow’s 1950 hit “I’m Moving On” . . . and Webb Pierce’s song “In the Jailhouse Now!” from 1955.


The Backside of the News

William Johnson from outside Springfield, Massachusetts had dinner with his wife last week and got a fortune that said, “You will soon come into a lot of gold.”  By the next day, William still hadn’t forgotten about it.  And he was feeling lucky, so he bought a $10 scratch-off lottery ticket.  For some reason, he didn’t scratch it off for a few days.  But when he did . . . he found out he’d won a MILLION BUCKS.  William decided to take the lump sum instead of installments, so he got $650,000 before taxes.  He and his wife still aren’t sure how they’ll spend it.





Former president GEORGE H.W. BUSH shaved his head to support a 2-year-old leukemia patient who’s the son of one of his Secret Service agents.

People Magazine has Photos

AMANDA BYNES had her Pomeranian with her when she lit that driveway fire on Monday night.  And the poor dog ended up COVERED IN GASOLINE.  After that happened, Amanda ran to a nearby liquor store and tried to wash it off.  The dog is okay, though.  Her parents have it.

The World Wide Web of Movie Gossip says that ZAC EFRON and RYAN GOSLING are up for parts in the new “Star Wars” movie.  There’s no word who Zac would play, but Ryan is supposedly being considered for Luke Skywalker’s son.

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