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It’s a World of Crazy….5 Things for Wednesday
It’s a World of Crazy….5 Things for Wednesday

1.  October is National Pizza Month.  And to celebrate it, a magician named Stuart Edge ordered a bunch of pizzas and give the delivery guys some really good tips.  You can check out his trick on YouTube.  First, he acts like he’s giving them five one-dollar bills.  But then he magically turns them all into twenties and gives each of them a hundred bucks.

2. A Navy nurse in San Diego named Cindy Murray recently tried to track down her half-brother, Robert Williamson, who she hadn’t seen since their parents split up in 1976.  And she found out he was ALSO in the Navy, stationed 300 miles away in central California.  And he’d been searching for her TOO.  On Friday, they were finally reunited, SALUTED each other, and gave each other a huge hug.  Here are Robert and Cindy talking about being reunited.

More here

3.A new survey asked single men if they find they’re sometimes or always afraid to approach women.  And the majority of men said . . . ABSOLUTELY.

See why

4.”The Huffington Post” has a weird but amusing video that mashes together the government shutdown . . . with “Ghostbusters.”  They use the scene from “Ghostbusters” where the jerk guy makes the ghostbusters shut down all their equipment, and put it together with President Obama talking about the shutdown.  For good measure, they also threw in scenes from “Independence Day” and “Mars Attacks” at the end.

See it 

5.   Random Things to Know

Maybe Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones aren’t back together after all…

There might be even more “Harry Potter” universe movies in the works

That poster for the Princess Diana movie has been removed from the entrance to the tunnel where she died.

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