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It’s Over for Jason Aldean and his wife?
It’s Over for Jason Aldean and his wife?

Jason Aldean and his wife, Jessica Ussery, have reportedly split up.  An unnamed
source tells “Us Weekly” that the couple have been separated since January.
Instability in Aldean and Ussery’s marriage became a tabloid subject last fall,
after flirtatious photographs of Jason and former “American Idol” finalist
Birttany Kerr surfaced online.  But the insider says there were “obvious
problems” in Jason and Jessica’s relationship before the incident, and Jason
“finally left earlier this year.”  Aldean’s rep won’t confirm that the couple
has separated.  But the spokesperson admits that “Jason and his wife are having
problems.”  The rep adds that it’s “a private matter,” and Jason and Jessica
“would like to keep it that way.”  Aldean and Ussery were high school
sweethearts, and have been married for more than a decade.  They have two
daughters together.

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