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Jake Owen’s Finger Amputated  Wednesday Morning Briefs
Jake Owen’s Finger Amputated Wednesday Morning Briefs

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

A 20-year-old man took an AK-47 and other weapons into an elementary school in Georgia yesterday, and took a bunch of teachers hostage.  He actually shot at police officers a few times, but no one was hurt.  All of the kids were still in the school, but apparently he never went into any classrooms . . . because a woman on the staff talked him into surrendering.  Her name is Antoinette Tuff, and she’s a clerk at the school.  (She says she started talking to him about her own problems while he was loading his guns.  The man’s name is Michael Brandon Hill, and he was arrested earlier this year in Georgia for making terroristic threats.  Antoinette says he was prepared to die, and talked about killing police.  It happened at Ronald McNair Academy in Decatur, Georgia, near Atlanta.)


Showbizzy Newz

Elmore Leonard died yesterday.  He wrote a bunch of great crime novels that got turned into movies, including “Be Cool”, “Get Shorty”, and “3:10 to Yuma”.

SIMON COWELL is finally starting to talk about his impending fatherhood.  Yesterday he said he’s, quote, “happy and excited” about becoming a dad.  He added, quote, “It’s a great time in my life.”  Even though Simon has said in the past that he didn’t want kids, he now says, quote, “Now I know I feel good about it” . . . adding, quote, “I’m proud to be a dad.”

He also called his baby mama LAUREN SILVERMAN, quote, “a very special girl.”

MARG HELGENBERGER is returning to “CSI” this season for the show’s 300th episode.  She played Catherine Willows on the show’s first 12-and-a-half seasons, before leaving in January of last year.

CBS says her character will be back to, quote, “help solve a cold case that has haunted the team for 14 years.”  The episode airs on Wednesday, October 23rd.

Q Country Closeup

JAKE OWEN’S Go Kart injury has cost him the tip of his right ring finger.  It was bleeding so badly doctors had to amputate it Monday morning.  Despite that, he still performed at his Summer Block Party in Nashville that night.

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The Backside of the News

On Monday morning, a 37-year-old man was driving a Ford Mustang convertible in Wisconsin . . . while he was texting.  And he ended up crashing into a tractor that was pulling a trailer full of LIQUID MANURE.  There’s no word just how much of the manure poured into the convertible . . . but the guy did break his finger.  Also, the car was a rental, so let’s hope he got the insurance.

LOL here


A high school math class in New York just uncovered a MAJOR SCANDAL.  They proved that Double Stuf Oreos DON’T actually have double the stuffing.  Double Stuf Oreos only have 1.86 times the amount of cream filling in regular Oreos.





If Wikipedia was an ACTUAL set of encyclopedias, it would be 1,908 volumes and take up ten stacks at the library.




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