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Monday Morning Briefs
Monday Morning Briefs

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

Donald Trump getting sued for fraud by New York’s Attorney General.


The 49ers played the Vikings last night on “Sunday Night Football”.  Still just preseason, but the Niners looked like they took it pretty seriously.  They won 34 to 14.

San Francisco’s Lavelle Hawkins had a 105-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the second quarter.  And he got TWO unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at the end of it.  (First he pointed the ball at a Vikings player while he was running it in, which is a taunting penalty.  Then he took off his helmet in the end zone, which is excessive celebration.)

Matt Kenseth won the Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol on Saturday.  It was his fifth victory so far this season.  Kasey Kahne finished second.  (People were wondering if Kahne would try to wreck Kenseth at the end, because he was wrecked by Kenseth earlier in the year.  But Kahne played it clean and never found a way to make the pass.)

Showbizzy Newz

If you’re still FREAKING out about BEN AFFLECK playing Batman . . . then your pathetic life is about to get even MORE pathetic . . .

Because the “Hollywood Reporter” says Ben is signed up to play Batman in MULTIPLE movies.  We don’t know WHAT those movies will be, other than the “Man of Steel” sequel.

Meanwhile, someone actually started a petition on Change.org, asking Warner Brothers to recast the role.  As of last night it had over 65,000 signatures.

Songwriter and producer DR. LUKE will reportedly be the third judge on “American Idol” next season, alongside KEITH URBAN and JENNIFER LOPEZ.  Dr. Luke’s biggest hits include the KATY PERRY songs “California Gurls”, “I Kissed a Girl” and “Teenage Dream”.

Q Country Closeup

Linda Ronstadt just announced she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about eight months ago, and she can’t sing anymore because of it.  But she thinks she’s had the disease for up to eight YEARS already, because of the symptoms she’s been having.  (She says it never got diagnosed because she thought her problems were related to a disease she contracted from a tick bite.  And she also had shoulder surgery, which she thought would explain why her hands were trembling.)


The Backside of the News


A 50-year-old woman named Sharolyn Jackson just turned up alive in a Philadelphia hospital, two weeks after her family thought they BURIED her in New Jersey.  Now they’re trying to figure out who’s actually in the grave.  Here’s Sharolyn’s dad Dave Minney, talking about what happened.  (Sharolyn went missing back in July, and at the same time an unidentified woman was found lying in the street and brought to a hospital in Philadelphia.  That woman died on July 20th, and authorities matched her up to Sharolyn’s missing persons report.  A social worker and one of Sharolyn’s own sons both identified the body as Sharolyn’s body . . . so that’s how they buried her.  But then on August 16th, Sharolyn showed up at another hospital and they identified her using fingerprints.  The two women looked so much alike that even Sharolyn’s own son couldn’t tell the difference.)



Here’s a neat trick you might be able to use on your kids.  A guy learned how to stop his young daughter from crying, by giving her a chance to SHOW OFF.  Every time she’d start crying, he’d ask her what a cow says.  And immediately she’d stop crying and start MOOING instead.

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