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Oprah Can’t Help Herself – Thursday Morning Briefs
Oprah Can’t Help Herself – Thursday Morning Briefs

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

The President is visiting Binghamton and Syracuse…In other news, MSNBC might just be hiring a new map expert…

See it here

After being accused of sexual harassment, Mayor Bob Filner has been banned from Hooters in downtown San Diego… because he disrespects women.(?).

Former Illinois representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. was sentenced yesterday to 30 months in prison for misusing campaign funds.  On the way out of the courtroom he actually gave a statement to reporters.  Not only that, he actually admitted he was wrong.

TOM BRADY hurt his left knee during a joint practice between the Patriots and the Buccaneers yesterday.  It’s the same knee that kept him on the bench for the entire 2008 season.  But an MRI was negative, and sources say he’ll probably be back on the field practicing today.


Showbizzy Newz

Gia Allemand from “The Bachelor” died yesterday.  She was a contestant on Season 14, when Jake Pavelka was the Bachelor.  Here’s the last interview Gia gave before she died, a week before Monday at the “Bachelorette” finale viewing party.

The cast of “Duck Dynasty” was on the “Today” show yesterday, to do an interview with Matt Lauer before the premiere of their new season.  And the first thing they did was talk about how the show ISN’T REAL.  Kind of nice to hear someone come out and say it, actually.  (Phil and Jase both said that what usually happens is the writers give them scenarios, and they just ad lib their own dialogue, so they can be themselves.  Phil says it wouldn’t work if writers in Hollywood were trying to put words in their mouths.


Q Country Closeup

Luke Bryan just did a radio interview and told a story about losing his wallet and all his money at the airport.  He had everything in a backpack and just left it behind.  (He says he got off a red-eye flight and his bus picked him up.  But he was so tired he left his backpack sitting outside.  They came back for it a few minutes later, but it was gone.  He jokes that he’s out panhandling by the freeway to get by these days.

CHRIS YOUNG picked up a mysterious leg infection that put him in the hospital and forced him to cancel last night’s show in Kalispell, Montana.  He also had to pull out of opening for BRAD PAISLEY tonight, tomorrow and Saturday.  Chris expects to be ready for next Wednesday’s concert in Redding, California.


The Backside of the News

A Sky News sports reporter named Nick Collins was broadcasting live from Wembley Stadium in London yesterday.  And in the middle of his report, he tripped on something, BIT IT, and completely fell out of frame.  Sky News immediately cut away.  But apparently Nick was okay, because he was back on the air about five minutes later.  Here’s a clip of Collins falling . . . and the anchor trying to recover afterward.

On Sunday afternoon, two guys tried to rob a restaurant in Chicago.  But they went RIGHT during the lunch rush.  The owner told them he was TOO BUSY with customers . . . and told them it would be better if they came back in an hour.  THEY DID.  This time, the owner was ready and called the cops.  Both men are facing aggravated robbery charges.



Wanna ride a Big Wheel, but worried because you’re 275 pounds?  You can buy an adult version for $650.

Take a look



Oprah Winfrey was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, talking about her new movie “The Butler”.  And she stopped in the middle of a sentence, chose an audience member at random, and GAVE HER A CAR.

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