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Wednesday, October 8, 201410/08/2014

Survey says: This popular meal is made at home. 0% ate it at a restaurant.

A:  PB & J


Monday, October 6, 201410/06/2014

Wanna see the cover to Garth’s new album?

It’s called “Man Against Machine” and is out November 11th Take a look here


Friday, October 3, 201410/03/2014

Knight Rider starring Dale Earnhart???

Check out the Funny or Die video


Monday, September 29, 201409/29/2014

Survey Says: This is the most stressful part of Mom’s day.

A:  Dropping the kids off at school!


Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

At what age do you reach one billion seconds?

A:  31 Actually, it’s 31 years, 251 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes, 54.7843 seconds (Not counting leap years) Here’s a calculator


Thursday, September 25, 201409/25/2014

Survey says: Ancovies are the #1 most disliked food. What’s #2?

A:  Olives!


Tuesday, September 23, 201409/23/2014

Toy Hall of Fame Nominees!

The National Toy Hall of Fame niminations are out! And the nominees are: Pots and pans and Paper Airplanes American…


Tuesday, September 23, 201409/23/2014

Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady…

You’ve probably seen this by now.  This 21 year old got herself a 3rd breast.  Here’s the backstory: 21-year-old Jasmine…


Friday, September 19, 201409/19/2014

Blake Does the Lip Sync Contest on the Tonight Show!


Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

Brad Paisley’s Home Bar Tour…Courtesy of People

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