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Wake Up Q



Wednesday, February 5, 201402/05/2014

For the last 27 years, there have been 2 more of these every day!

A:  Starbucks!

Monday, February 3, 201402/03/2014

Survey says: This is the WORST food to eat on a first date!

A:  Garlic Bread!


Wednesday, January 22, 201401/22/2014

First Photos of Randy Travis

Photos have surfaced of RANDY TRAVIS looking thin and frail.  This is the first we’ve seen of him since his stroke last summer.  He’s…


Friday, January 10, 201401/10/2014

YIKES! The record for this (ailment) is 102 days!

A:  Constipation!


Thursday, January 9, 201401/09/2014

59% of Americans still own this piece of “technology”!

A:  A VCR!


Tuesday, January 7, 201401/07/2014

Now Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan are teasing Big Announcements!

First, Jason Aldean says he’s got a big announcement Thursday…. Now it’s Tim McGraw’s turn… And Then there’s Luke Bryan:…


Wednesday, December 18, 201312/18/2013

Google says this was the most searched “What is…?” question in 2013.

A:  What is Twerking?


Friday, December 13, 201312/13/2013

Here’s that 16-year-old who sounds like Elvis



Wednesday, December 11, 201312/11/2013

Good Stuff: The soldier pulled from truck wreck in Syracuse.

Here’s a link to the story Debbie Kelly told us this morning…. Soldier pulled from burning pickup truck on Thruway…

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