Wake Up Q

Wake Up Q



Thursday, June 5, 201406/05/2014

A Great (Harmless) Senior Prank!

The Wake Up Q in no way endorses or encourages such activity, but this is a pretty funny senior prank….


Wednesday, June 4, 201406/04/2014

We Made The OutsideOnline.com Final Four!!!

Check it out and VOTE!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 28, 201405/28/2014

Yup, that’s a Self-Driving Car!

Google just released a video of people riding for the first time in one of its self-driving cars.  It’s a new…


Friday, May 23, 201405/23/2014

Google Searches across the US

This is the list we were telling you about this morning… What do people in various states search for more…


Friday, May 23, 201405/23/2014

Jake Owen gets owned by a 6-year-old!

Jake Owen did a concert in West Virginia the other night, and brought a 6-year-old girl up on stage to…


Friday, May 16, 201405/16/2014

Here’s that video of “Celebrities Imitating Celebrities”

Some pretty funny stuff here… Check It Out


Thursday, May 15, 201405/15/2014

Now it’s Tim McGraw’s turn to break up a fight


Wednesday, May 7, 201405/07/2014

This still running TV show made it’s debut 39 years ago on NBC.

A:  Wheel of Fortune! It premiered as a daytime series on NBC on January 6, 1975  The network version was originally hosted by Chuck…


Wednesday, April 30, 201404/30/2014

Here’s the link to that “Outnumber Hunger” organization

  We were talking about this organization this morning and all the artists that are joined in supporting it. Here’s…

Wednesday, April 23, 201404/23/2014

You think I could make up…”Peeps: The Movie”?

Well, I can’t… Here’s proof!   Oh, and then there’s “It’s a Small World: The Movie“!  

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