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Friday, November 8, 201311/08/2013

ALL the CMA Awards Performances!

Great Performances at the CMA Awards!


Thursday, November 7, 201311/07/2013

Kacey’s reaction….Thursday Morning Funnies!

Check out some animated GIFs that show how a dozen celebrities have changed over the years. Watch It There are…


Thursday, November 7, 201311/07/2013

55% of people say it would be “Unacceptable” to hear this today.

A:  Christmas Music!


Tuesday, November 5, 201311/05/2013

See it to believe it….Tuesday Morning Funnies!

For some reason, someone took various clips of David Hasselhoff, and edited them together so he sounds like he’s singing…


Friday, November 1, 201311/01/2013

This Guys Got Finger Skills! Friday Morning Funnies

A video of some guy showing off his amazing finger-snapping skills is making the rounds online.  Here’s some of what…


Wednesday, October 30, 201310/30/2013

Here’s the link to vote for the American Country Awards

The nominees for the “American Country Awards” are out and TAYLOR SWIFT leads the pack with eight nominations.  BLAKE SHELTON and FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE are right behind her…


Tuesday, October 29, 201310/29/2013

“That’s CREEPY in Real Life!!!!…Tuesday Morning Funnies

A one-minute video from Buzzfeed.com has picked up a couple million hits on YouTube the past few days.  It’s called “Things You…


Monday, October 28, 201310/28/2013

Smell Bacon? Check Your Phone! Monday Morning Funnies…

There’s a new gadget from Japan that plugs into your smartphone, and releases a scent . . . to make…


Thursday, October 17, 201310/17/2013

The Story behind the “Saluting Soldier” photo

A photo of an injured Army Ranger saluting his commanding officer from his hospital bed is inspiring thousands of people…


Thursday, October 17, 201310/17/2013

Why airbags get stolen – Thursday Morning Funnies

Our trivia this morning dealt with 70,000 airbags being stolen from cars.  Kids are stealing them for “popcorning”. Here’s a…

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