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Monday, November 17, 201411/17/2014

Little Girl Doesn’t Want Santa To Eat Alone

Mall Santas have it rough . . . even when they’re not working, they get recognized by kids and have…

Friday, November 14, 201411/14/2014

Good Stuff: Paraplegic Man Dances with his Bride!

Here’s video of the Good Stuff story we told you this morning: A few weeks after he came home from…

Thursday, November 13, 201411/13/2014

Very Cute: Einstein Thinks Matthew McConaughey is Alright!


Thursday, November 13, 201411/13/2014

On average, the people who have one, use it fewer than 2 times a week

A:  A Landline Phone!

Tuesday, November 11, 201411/11/2014

Kacey Musgraves on Nashville Star.

Years before she achieved success…I think her talent was pretty obvious…


Monday, November 10, 201411/10/2014

Catch up with Garth

The tour is on…new music out tomorrow… Check out a couple of videos that are so totally Garth… GARTH BROOKS hugged…

Monday, November 10, 201411/10/2014

Check out that “Crumbles” website…

There’s a cool new website called Crumbles that uses one-word clips from movies to say whatever you type.  Then it…


Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

The perfect Christmas gift – for the person you hate!

Ok, we told you about it this morning, but couldn’t name the website.  Send animal pooh to the people you…


Wednesday, November 5, 201411/05/2014

Behind the Scenes on Carrie’s New Video


Tuesday, November 4, 201411/04/2014

Happy Election Day! Are These the Oddest Political Ads of the Year?

Watch out…there’s some questionable language here….   I’ll give her points for the minor joke…     I take off…

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