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The Brawls are Bigger in Texas!  Wednesday Morning Prep…
The Brawls are Bigger in Texas! Wednesday Morning Prep…

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today.

The Big Picture

A Texas anti-abortion bill is dead for the moment…


The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a part of the Voting Right Act of 1965 that determines which states must get permission before changing their voting laws. Nine states with a history of discrimination at the polls, mostly in the South, will no longer have to get approval from the Justice Department or a special panel of judges before they change their voting laws.

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Russian president Vladimir Putin announced yesterday that Edward Snowden is still in Moscow, still at the airport.  It was reported that he would be flying to Cuba, but he never got on the plane.  Putin is saying that Russia won’t turn him over to us, because he hasn’t broken any Russian laws.  (He also said it would be best for both Snowden and Russia if Snowden gets out of there as quickly as possible.  Technically, Snowden actually isn’t on Russian soil, because he hasn’t passed through Russian immigration.  He’s inside the airport in what they call the “transit zone.”  So he can go wherever he wants from there.  He’s been staying inside the airport since he arrived from Hong Kong on Sunday.)

Home sales are still climbing, and now they’re at their highest level in five years.  The government released a new report yesterday that said sales in May rose 2.1% from the month before, and also beat economic forecasts by almost two percent.


Showbizzy Newz

Kris Jenner was on “The View” yesterday, and they asked her what she thought of the name Kim and Kanye picked for their daughter.  (She says she likes it.  The way Kim explained it to her is that “North” means “highest power,” and their daughter represents the highest point in their relationship.)

These “Taken” movies have been a real late-career boost for LIAM NEESON.  He made $15 million for the sequel, and now he’s closing in on a $20 million payday for “Taken 3”.

Tightrope daredevil NIK WALLENDA said he wanted his next stunt to be a high-wire walk between New York City’s Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.  The distance would be nine blocks, and around 4,000 feet.



But New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says he wouldn’t support it . . . because, quote, “There’s thousands of New Yorkers who certainly could be put at risk.  So I don’t think it would be wise in this city.”

Nik isn’t giving up.  He says he hopes to convince the city to let him do it because it’s his “dream” . . . but he adds that he won’t try to do it without permission.



Q Country Closeup

CARRIE UNDERWOOD was already booked at the Grand Ole Opry on July 6th, which is the night of TOBY KEITH’S Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert.  So she’s doing a special performance by satellite from the Opry that’ll be beamed live to the crowd in Oklahoma.


The Backside of the News

37-year-old Nakia Grimes needed to get her driver’s license renewed . . . and noticed that her birth certificate has listed her as the completely wrong gender.  She’s listed as a man, but obviously, she’s a woman.  When she wanted to change it, they told her they’d need a note from the doctor AND a test to prove she’s actually a woman.  Instead, she told the local news about it, and the state eventually verified her sex by checking her SON’S birth certificate, where she’s listed as the mother.

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So you think YOUR big brother is bad?  Check out this video:

A little girl has a BIG wish for her birthday…


A new study came out that said the most persuasive word you can use in a meeting is “Yeah.”  Apparently, if you respond to someone else’s proposal and start off with the word “yeah,” the other person will be more likely to agree with whatever you propose next.

Remember back in the ’90s when people thought Beanie Babies were a GOOD INVESTMENT?  A website just compared their estimated prices from a 1998 price guide with their prices on eBay today.  And it’s ROUGH.  One example:  A tiger that was supposed to be worth $1,000 is selling for $9.95.


Remember . . . July 4th is the deadliest day on the road in America.

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