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The Real Joe Diffie Stands Up! Wednesday Show Prep!
The Real Joe Diffie Stands Up! Wednesday Show Prep!

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today.

The Big Picture

Miss Utah was on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  And apparently she hasn’t put herself through enough humiliation over the whole pageant question fiasco.  Because last night she actually SANG the answer she gave at the pageant, word for word, to the tune of “America the Beautiful”.

President Obama just did an interview on PBS where he talked about what kind of information the NSA has been collecting on Americans.  He argued that no one’s privacy is being violated, unless the government believes they’re connected to Al Qaeda.  (He says the only information the NSA collects on ordinary domestic calls is phone number, time, and duration.  They don’t listen to phone calls, and they don’t take down people’s names.  They only use the database to check on phone numbers that come up in other investigations as being related to terrorist activity.  So if the FBI has a warrant for a wiretap, and they hear something that sounds like a terrorist plot, they can run those phone numbers through the NSA directory and see whether those phones made any other calls to numbers that have also been linked to terrorism.

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Chrysler just changed its mind and recalled three million vehicles to fix a problem with gas tanks catching fire during collisions.  They’re putting trailer hitches on the recalled vehicles to protect the gas tanks.  (Chrysler had been refusing to recall the vehicles, even under pressure from the government.  The affected models are Grand Cherokees from ’93 to ’04, and Liberties from ’02 to ’07.

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Showbizzy Newz

KIM KARDASHIAN hasn’t revealed her daughter’s name yet, assuming she’s decided on one.  But rumor has it she’s been named:  Kaidence Donda West.

BRAD PITT’S 11-year-old son Maddox has a brief cameo as a zombie in “World War Z” . . . and Brad says he “gets shot in the head multiple times.”  He adds, quote, “I don’t know what that says about me as a parent.”  Four of Brad’s other five kids with ANGELINA JOLIE have also done bit parts in movies.

It’s official:  The producers of CHARLIE SHEEN’S show “Anger Management” have confirmed that SELMA BLAIR is NOT returning to the show.  This comes just one day after word hit the Internet that Charlie demanded that she be booted from the show . . . but it’s unclear if she was fired or if she quit.



Q Country Closeup

Blake Shelton continues his winning streak on NBC’s “The Voice.”  This time around the show’s country coach led Danielle Bradbery to victory.

Joe Diffie just put out a new song called “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun”.  It’s a response to Jason Aldean’s song “1994”, which has that line, “Will the real Joe Diffie please stand up?”

A movie about the life of GEORGE JONES is in development . . . with George’s wife Nancy attached as executive producer.  The script doesn’t gloss things over either.  It covers George’s brilliant music career as well as his “descent into alcohol and drug abuse” . . . and then his eventual recovery.  No word yet when production will start.


The Backside of the News

Last week, in Foxboro, Massachusetts, a man robbed a house . . . but his pickup truck got stuck in some mud.  When he couldn’t get it free, he ended up calling a GETAWAY TOW TRUCK.  The tow truck driver got him out of the mud but was suspicious when the guy peeled out across the lawn right after.  He called the cops.  They’re tracking the burglar down now.

A bar in Brazil is using a new beer glass that makes people stop texting, and start TALKING to each other.  The glass is missing a piece at the bottom, so you need to slide your phone underneath to keep it standing up.  That means you can either hold your glass and use your phone one-handed . . . or put your drink and phone down and actually talk to people.



50% of people dedicate more time to the Internet than to sleep.

According to a new survey, ONE out of THREE women who took their husband’s last name say they regret it and wish they’d just stuck with their maiden name.  And one in five women say they regret the name they picked for their kid.

According to a new survey, HALF of all men don’t know their wife or girlfriend’s dress size . . . 72% don’t know her bra size . . . 38% don’t know her shoe size . . . one out of three guys don’t know her favorite perfume . . . and one in eight don’t know what food she likes.  And three out of four guys say they don’t think it’s IMPORTANT to know those things.

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