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The Worst Age for a Hangover and other Random Notes:  Thursday Morning Prep
The Worst Age for a Hangover and other Random Notes: Thursday Morning Prep

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

George Zimmerman got pulled over for speeding in Texas on Sunday.  The cop didn’t even recognize him after looking at his license.  Zimmerman had to help him figure it out.  Oh yeah, and he had a gun in the glovebox.  He got let off with a warning.  (This is dashcam audio from the patrol car.  You can’t hear Zimmerman very well, but you can hear the cop ask where he’s going, and Zimmerman says, quote, “Nowhere in particular.”  The cop asks why, and Zimmerman asks, “You didn’t see my name?”  And the cop replies, quote, “What a coincidence.”  Then he goes to check for outstanding warrants, and when he finds out Zimmerman is clean, he lets him go.)

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O.J. Simpson got paroled yesterday in Nevada.  But don’t put out the “Welcome Home” signs yet.  He has at least another four years in prison because some of his sentences are running concurrently.  (The funny thing is, part of the reason they granted parole was because he didn’t have any prior convictions.)

The hammer could come down on ALEX RODRIGUEZ today or tomorrow.  Sources say Major League Baseball is prepare to ban him for LIFE . . . but could let him cut a deal for a shorter suspension.


Showbizzy Newz

Simon Cowell is having a kid with his friend’s wife. We can only imagine what kind of father he’ll be.



Lindsay Lohan is done with rehab.  She went to court yesterday and gave proof of completion.  Apparently she’s staying in Los Angeles with a sober coach right now.  (The judge told her to stay in therapy for the next 15 months, and said it was okay to complete her community service in New York if she was planning to move back there.)

Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Holley talked to a photographer outside after the court hearing.  She called out the regular media for not showing up to cover it.


Q Country Closeup

RANDY TRAVIS was discharged from the hospital yesterday . . . but he’s not going home just yet.  He was “relocated” to a physical therapy facility and is expected to be there for months.

Randy’s fiancée Mary Davis released this statement:  “Thanks to all the fans and friends for your continued prayers and support as Randy continues on the road to recovery.”


NBC just released a preview clip of Carrie Underwood’s new version of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” . . . the theme song for “Sunday Night Football”.  She’s doing it this year to replace Faith Hill.

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Steve Wariner just got a restraining order against a fan who’s been stalking him for 24 YEARS.  She talked to him at a meet-and-greet back in 1989, and she’s been bugging him ever since.  Here’s a great song from Steve in her honor.  (Her name is Linda Marie Shinn.  She made up a false story about her son having terminal cancer, and she’s been trying to hit Steve up for money.  She sends him letters all the time and she’s been harassing him on social media.  Finally she started to make threats, and that’s when they got the restraining order.)


The Backside of the News

On Monday, a guy in China was stopped at the airport for trying to smuggle his pet TURTLE through security . . . by hiding it in a sandwich from KFC.  Officials became suspicious when the man showed them his KFC bag and said there was, quote, “no turtle in there, just a hamburger.”


According to a new study out of England, the age where people suffer the WORST hangovers is . . . 29.  That’s because you still TRY to drink like when you were younger . . . like pounding cheap alcohol . . . but your body can’t handle it anymore.  The study also found the average hangover lasts nine hours and 45 minutes, and the hangover PAIN peaks at 9:45 A.M.

Someone asked Henry Cavill at Comic-Con about his big summer jam for this year.  Who knew the “Man of Steel” was into country music.  (He says he’s been listening to a lot of Chris Young and Josh Turner.)

So it turns out studios are giving more movies names that start with A, B and C . . . because when people choose movies from alphabetized on-demand lists, they’re too lazy to click past the first few letters.

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