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Things To Brighten Your Day – Tuesday

1.  I enjoy seeing Willie Nelson in concert, but apparently not as much as this guy….


2. Last Tuesday, two men in Nashville pepper sprayed a couple in the middle of a parking lot, then stole a purse.  Thankfully, a man named Franco Scaramuzza was pulling into to the parking lot and saw it happen.  Franco works as an art director, but he’s also a fencing instructor who happened to be on his way home from class.  And when he saw the robbery in progress, he knew EXACTLY what to do.  He got out of his car and grabbed his FENCING SWORD.  He held it high in the air, started screaming, and charged full-speed at the two robbers.  And they were so freaked out, they panicked, dropped the purse, and left.  Luckily, police caught up to them a few minutes later.  The two suspects have the outstanding last names of Zachary Johnson and Michael Butt.  They were arrested on robbery charges, and are currently being held on $50,000 bond.

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3. You’re Never too old to Rock!  Check out this photo gallery of “Rocking Grandmas

4. Turns out Luke BryanGeorge StraitJosh Turner and Alison Krauss are guest starring on “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas” . . . which is the holiday album by the ROBERTSON family from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”.

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