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What NOT to do at State Fair Rodeo and LBT ROCKS!…Monday Morning Brief
What NOT to do at State Fair Rodeo and LBT ROCKS!…Monday Morning Brief

Here’s The Things You’ll Want To See Hear and Know Today

The Big Picture

The Missouri State Fair is going on in Sedalia, Missouri right now.  And on Saturday night at the rodeo, a clown came out wearing an Obama mask, and tried to get a bull to RUN AFTER HIM.  Then the announcer started talking in a lunatic voice about how they were going to, quote, “smoke Obama.”  Now people are wondering if the Secret Service is going to investigate them for making threats.

The kidnapping suspect in California was caught and killed over the weekend.  16-year-old Hannah Anderson of San Diego was his victim, and she was rescued safely.  Here’s her great aunt Jennifer Willis, her cousin Haley Landry, and her grandmother Sara Britt reacting to the news.  (The suspect’s name was James Lee DiMaggio.  He was a friend of Hannah’s family.  They suspect he also killed her mother and brother at his house near San Diego, and then set the house on fire before fleeing with Hannah.  They were found out in the wilderness in Idaho, by two couples who were out riding horses.  The couples called police when they got home, and the FBI tracked James and Hannah down and killed James in the rescue attempt.)

11-year-old Dyllon Orthman of Dalhart, Texas devoted his summer vacation to mowing lawns.  He mowed about 90 lawns . . . and did it in that TEXAS HEAT that was easily in the 100s.  But he’s not keeping a DIME for himself.  His goal was to make as much money as possible to send to the victims of that tornado back in May in Moore, Oklahoma.  Dyllon made about $6,000 mowing lawns, then a company out of Oklahoma called Quality Integrated Services heard about what he was doing and gave him another $10,000 to give to the victims.

Showbizzy Newz

MATT DAMON’S “Elysium” took the #1 spot over a busy box office weekend.  The movie brought in $30.4 million in its first three days of release . . . about $4 million more than the weekend’s #2 movie, “We’re the Millers”.

Matt Damon did an interview the other day for his new movie “Elysium”.  They asked him some questions about President Obama, and it turns out Matt’s opinion of him has REALLY changed.  (He used to be a big supporter.  Now he says Obama, quote, “broke up” with him.  He’s concerned about drone strikes overseas, and also about the NSA surveillance programs.  He said Obama has a lot of explaining to do.)

Eydie Gorme died on Saturday, in Las Vegas.  She had a singing act with her husband Steve Lawrence for almost her entire life.  They started off singing together in the late 1950s, and they were famous for rejecting rock and roll in favor of the old standards.

JUSTIN THEROUX turned 41 on Saturday, and JENNIFER ANISTON threw him a party at their Bel Air mansion.  The guest list was INSANE.  Check out who showed up:



Ben Stiller, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, Jason Bateman, Laura Dern, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Tobey Maguire, Lake Bell, Will Arnett, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Q Country Closeup

ABC dropped a promo for tonight’s “CMA Music Festival:  Country’s Night to Rock”.  It’s mostly shots of the hosts, LITTLE BIG TOWN, which is nice because KAREN FAIRCHILD can rock a fringe vest.



The Backside of the News

On Thursday night, a 25-year-old in Massachusetts was at a subway station and started BRAGGING to a stranger about how he was a WANTED MAN.  Well . . . turns out the stranger was a plainclothes COP.  And the 25-year-old really DID have a bunch of outstanding warrants for things like witness intimidation and larceny.  He was arrested.

Back in 2005 in Washington, a woman was driving drunk and hit an electric pole.  Her friend was in the passenger seat and hurt his arm, and she pleaded guilty to felony assault.  But now she’s SUING the power company and the county . . . for putting the pole too close to the road.  And the Washington state Supreme Court just ruled that she CAN go ahead with her lawsuit.



COURTENEY COX broke her wrist during a Mexican vacation.

MEL GIBSON and ANTONIO BANDERAS will be in “Expendables 3″.

JAY LENO’S last episode of “The Tonight Show” will air February 6th . . . supposedly, for REAL this time.

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