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Why airbags get stolen – Thursday Morning Funnies
Why airbags get stolen – Thursday Morning Funnies

Our trivia this morning dealt with 70,000 airbags being stolen from cars.  Kids are stealing them for “popcorning”.

Here’s a video:


Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz collaborated together on a new single called “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me”.  And they’re promoting it with a YouTube video, where they pulled together a bunch of artists who are basically ONLY known on YouTube, and did a new version of the song.  So it’s like a big mash-up of a bunch of different covers of the song, in all different styles.


The characters in horror movies tend to be dumb and make bad choices that ultimately lead to them DYING.  Which is why this is so brilliant.  Someone made a trailer for a fake horror movie called “Hell No”, where NO ONE gets killed, because all of the characters apply critical thinking and make GOOD decisions.

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